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Professional Dog Boarding

Woof India presents comfortable dog boarding services in Dehradun to make your dog feel relaxed even far from home. With the guidance of authorized dog trainers and dog handlers and dog-owners, we make sure that your pet is well-taken care of by our boarding service.

No matter how much you love your dog, there will come a time when you will have to leave them behind, whether it is for travel, an emergency, or for health reasons. You may be tempted to bring your pet along for your vacation, only to discover your hotel does not permit pets or that your dog was suddenly very sick mid of your vacation. So dog hostel in dehradun is often the best alternative for your dog.

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Now that you have handled to take leave for a week or two, it is time for a vacation. Worried about an excellent dog facility for your furry friends? Whether you are looking for basic boarding in a safe, fun, and loving atmosphere or you are looking for an all-inclusive vacation for your dog. Then Woof India is the perfect place.

Spreading the wings over Dehradun, Woof India is a boarding center that beautifully flags the co-existence. We have left no stone unturned in blessing dog-parents with every facility. Your dog is your family-at Woof India we know that. We love dogs and take your dog’s care very seriously. That is what makes us stand out from other dog boarding services. We are here to offer your furry family member love and support when you are far from them, filling in as much as we can for the time being until you return.

How Does Dog Boarding in Dehradun Work

How Does Dog Boarding in Dehradun Work

As part of our dog boarding in dehradun services, we make sure that all dogs stay in separate kennels that offer them plenty of space to roam. Boarding facilities are well-kept, with daily cleaning occurring every few hours, we do not entertain the over-crowding region as our motive is to offer your dog a paradise while you are away. Our dog trainers are experienced with all kinds of breed’s psychology. They understand how your pet may feel when separated from you.

Dog boarding services provide a healthy daily routine that includes exercise, games, socializing, playing with other pets, and nutritious meals to keep them energized. For different days, you can bring food boxes for your pet. All pets are fed high-quality, certified dog food proper for all breeds as part of our meal plan.

If you are planning a vacation but don’t know where to leave your dog when you arrive, we recommend that you visit our boarding facilities and have a look around. Woof India offers the best dog boarding services in India, all year.

Why Choose us for Dog Hostel in Dehradun

 Dog Hostel in Dehradun

At Woof India our motive is to keep your pet not just safe and clean however also happy and healthy at a reasonable dog boarding cost. Keeping in mind that you wish nothing but the best, we provide services tailored to meet your specific requirements without burning your pocket.

Hygienic and safe dog boarding services from Woof India give your pet a chance to relish a vacation too. We have professional dog handlers who take care of them by keeping the allergens and unhygienic factors at bay. We provide a cageless home dog boarding service that keeps the four-legged friends engaged throughout the day.

Book Dog Boarding service at Home in Dehradun

How Does Dog Boarding in Dehradun Work

Looking for boarding & daycare for your pet? Look no further. Woof India provides you best in class pet boarding facilities in Dehradun. Offer your dog premium boarding and daycare facilities at the finest dog hostels. When you relish your time off, your dog can relish a dip in the pool at one of our many partner daycare facilities.

If you are going away for a relaxing vacation, you wish to ensure that your dog is safe and having fun. Not every owner or dog likes kennels, sometimes you just need a home away from home. We know as pet-parents how far you can go for your dog’s comfort. Valuing your bond with the pets we offer the best dog boarding services to you and your dog.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Yes typically all the breeds of dogs are welcome at Woof India, we do not discriminate between breeds. We believe that most of the dogs are friendly and social, however for anxious dogs, we do require a letter from its vet saying that it is secure to give the dog to boarding.

It really varies on the breed, health, and services provided. Feel free to call us for an estimate, and we will do our best to let you know, but please keep in mind that this may change at the time of service.

Yes, boarding is good for the dog because they offer the secure and stress-free to them. At Woof India your dog feels safe with its friends and learns to socialize.

The dogs who stay with us are provided with a positive and comfortable environment. In addition to regularly walking your dog, we also take them on safe, enjoyable playtime sessions based on their size and temperament.

Boarding facilities at our facility are always clean, safe, and hygienic. This insistence on cleanliness, with the health criteria required by your veterinarian, ensures a healthy environment for all guests.


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